School Rules and Etiquette

School Rules and Etiquette

In order to foster a positive learning environment in our school and to be comfortable and knowledgeable with the courtesies expected, students (and parents) should review the following list:

  1. Parents, please smile and enjoy watching your child learn.  Students, parents, and guests will not converse with any person involved in a class session without the permission of the instructor.  Parents, please smile and enjoy watching your child learn.
  2. Students and instructors will bow to the flags each time they enter and/or leave the classroom area, even if the area is not being used for a workout. (The “bow” is the Oriental “handshake” used in showing respect and a feeling of community towards the flags, fellow students and instructors.)
  3. If a student is unavoidably tardy for class, he/she should cross the room, sstore the gear bag in an orderly fashion, pull their attendance card and stand at the edge of the workout floor, raise their right hand high left hand supported under the right elbow, and wait to be recognized by the instructor; he/she should then bow in to join the class. Thereafter, the student should hand their attendance card to the instructor. (The instructor may assign warm-up and/or other exercises, as appropriate.)
  4. Students should use the restroom before coming to class. Of course, if necessary, it is acceptable during class to ask permission to be excused.
  5. Students will respond “Yes/No, Sir,” or “Yes/No, Ma’am,” as appropriate, in all conversations with instructors; students will stand respectfully and bow whenever greeting an instructor, in or out of the classroom.
  6. Students will address instructors by the last name and the proper title (Mr., Mrs., Miss), regardless of any personal or family relationship while at the school or Taekwondo function.
  7. Students are encouraged to participate in class enthusiastically; however, students should avoid unnecessary conversation, and should speak only at the proper times.
  8. If a student does not understand a directive, he/she is allowed to raise his/her hand and ask that the instruction be repeated. A student is expected, however, to pay careful attention so that the class may proceed without interruption.
  9. The Senior student among students of the same rank is the one who achieved the rank first. If the rank was earned at the same time, seniority may be determined by length of time in Taekwondo, then by chronological age. An instructor may also prefer to “rotate” the senior position.
  10. No student, regardless of rank, may instruct or correct another student without the direct and specific permission and supervision of the instructor.
  11. A student’s personal appearance in class is a reflection of his/her pride. Cleanliness of person and uniform is imperative.
  12. Students in informal workout sessions may not engage in free-sparring without the direct supervision of an instructor.
  13. If a student is in the room when the “Songahm Spirit of Taekwondo” pledge is recited, he/she must stand at attention and recite the pledge with the group, whether or not he/she is in uniform or a participant in the group session.
  14. Hair should be short or pulled back; no headbands or sweatbands are to be worn, other than ATA approved headbands. Sweat bands are allowed during ATA Fit classes.
  15. There is to be no smoking, or the use of any tobacco product, in the school at any time; there will be no smoking, use of tobacco products, or consumption of alcohol at any time while in uniform.
  16. There will be no use of profanity on the school premises, or at any function, class or activity.
  17. Permission of the student’s instructor is required before a student may attend another ATA school or other martial arts school. Student’s should also receive permission before attending any tournaments in another region.  Your ATA card and membership dues must be current to participate in any ATA function.
  18. High ranking visitors or instructors to the class should be greeted with appropriate respect; if class is in session, it should be immediately be interrupted for this salutation. If the instructor of the class does not see them enter, it is appropriate for a student or assistant instructor to say in a loud voice, “Everyone stop! Face Mr./Mrs. ________. Charyut Kungyee.”
  19. Students will turn away from the instructor or opponent when adjusting their uniform or belt.
  20. Students will not wear shoes on the workout floor. (Unless they have permission of Chief Instructor for special circumstances.)
  21. Women must wear a white T-shirt, tank top or sport bra under her uniform.
  22. No jewelry, wristbands, watches, etc. shall be worn with the uniform. Wedding bands are however acceptable. No one should wear any Warrior X Fit bands or other bracelets or “silly bands” while in uniform.  Warrior X Fit bands are appopriate hanging on your gear bags.
  23. Any and all concerns should be brought to the immediate and private attention of your instructor.  Students should refrain from complaining or raising concerns in the presence of other students.  All instructors, then should bring all student concerns to the immediate attention of the Chief Instructor.
Don’t worry, we still have fun!

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