Instructor – Mr. Jon Runge

6th Master Candidate Degree Black Belt (2017)

  • 5th Degree Black Belt (2008)
  • 4th Degree Black Belt (2004)
  • 3rd Degree Black Belt (2000)
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt (1998)
  • 1st Degree Black Belt (1996)
  • Joined the ATA 1994

Instructor Level:

  • Black Collar Certified Instructor (since 2000)


  • High Rank Workout, new Little Rock HQ Spring 2017
  • Trained w/ Grand Master In Ho Lee (Sept., 2013) Master Black’s ATA, Lakewood, CO
  • Elite Instruction, Aurora, CO with Ch. Master Thor and Ch. Master Droege (2013)
  • RAT Camp/ATA Fit, Aurora, CO (2012)
  • Success Kit Seminar, Lakewood, CO, Master Greg Moody (2011)
  • Trained w/ Ch. Master Al Dilegge and CM Dan Thor RAT Camp/ATA Fit/Rocky Mountain Workout (2011)
  • Elite Instruction Clinic, Ch. Master Droege, Sr. Master Cross, Aurora, CO (2010)
  • Kidz N Power, Ch. Master Al Dilegge (2009)
  • School Owner Training, Worlds (2006)
  • Business Introductions (2006)
  • Black Belt/Leadership training (2006)
  • Instruction In-School Upgrade, Sr. Master Black (2003)
  • Train the Trainer (2003)
  • Certification (8 hour seminar) Sr. Master Black (2000)

219726_10150141667272967_6376734_oTournaments (highlights):

  • Tournament Judge (Level 3 Chevron)
  • Placed 1st in Form, Sparring and Weapon for State Champion 2006 (4th Degree)
  • Placed 1st in Sparring and Weapon for State Champion 2007 (4th Degree)
  • Regular judges and attends  both in-school and regional tournaments in the Denver Metro Area, has also attended World Championships (including 2006) when Sr. Master Black became a Master

Protech Certifications:

  • Single Combat Weapons Sparring (2013)
  • Spontaneous Knife Defense  (2007)
  • Jahng Bong (midrange) (2005)
  • Ssahng Nat (2004)
  • Joint Manipulation (2003)


B.S. Monfort College of Business, Marketing, Advertising
University of Northern Colorado

(Current) President, Ductile Pipe Research Association (since 2013)
Birmingham, AL
(Previous) American Water Works Association, Thomas & Perkins Advertising, MillerCoors (Coors Brewing Company)

474582_10151149842502967_232597857_oMr. Runge, originally from Minnesota, enjoys working with all the students at Sr. Master Black’s ATA Martial Arts from our youngest preschool students to our adults.  He joined Sr. Master Black’s ATA Martial Arts in 2003 and has been a key player in our ATA Family.  Prior to 2003 he trained under Master Hauptman and Kim Lusk.  He is a regular face on the mat at our school with a tenacious focus on “answering up”, fitness and protocol.  He has graciously donated his time to our school while leading a very busy life traveling around the country for his career.   He currently lives in Golden and is married with three kids.  His son is in the Marines and both daughters are now graduates, one from Arizona State University and one from University of Colorado.  His eldest daughter is planning to be wed in 2015.  

In his own words “I like to emphasis conditioning, fitness, flexibility, and fun. I am more of a traditionalist . . . I like the “old” ways which were also a bit “tougher.” To me, respect for the martial art is something that we can always work on! While I like to have a lot of fun in class, I encourage and expect students to demonstrate proper respect not only to the instructor but to each other. I really enjoy working with beginning students … especially adults (and watching their progress through the ranks).”

1486098_10152045576277967_7872402852094171310_oHis ATA goals are to continue to motivate our students, focusing on his rank training and his future midterm, getting back in the ring to compete and to continue to lead by example the proper ATA attitude he expects of his students.  When not training at ATA, he is an avid cyclist and loves to spend time with his family, including his golden retriever, on his boat somewhere warm!

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