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ATA Martial Arts Lakewood

August 8 update

Posted: August 09, 2019


Annual ATA Family Backyard BBQ this Saturday, August 10 at our home located at PLEASE CALL 303-985-1815 FOR ADDRESS  You and your family is invited ... rain or shine :)  We'll just move it inside.  The school phone 303-985-1815 will be forwarded to my cell, so just give a call if you need directions or ?  There will be a few former instructor faces in attendance.  Bring something to share.  I'm only providing water.  If you want something special for your family please bring it with you.  I'm sure my husband will supply a few adult beverages.  :) 

8th Degree - yes, it's true, I am now an 8th Degree in the ATA.  And an official Chief Master "Candidate" - several more hoops to jump through before Chief Master next summer.  "fingers crossed"  - Chief Master Candidate Corina Black is a huge mouthful, please just call me Master Black...  Thanks. 

Testing - our end of summer test event is scheduled August 20 (blue-black) and August 21 (white-purple).  Deadline to pay and register for promotions is Monday night - firm.  After that, you may still register (beginning after this test event, early bird and regular rates will be taking effect) however, expect a few burpees on test night and your belt/award will be a week late. (fee free to reply to this email to register - belt/patch order will be happening this weekend).

Tournament - We also currently have six students that have pre-registered for the August 24 tournament hosted by Mrs. Jill Cross at the Adams County Fairgrounds, congratulations keep it going I think you all are starting to learn how to get your accounts set up at I’ve also gone in and linked the students that were in there as families. Remember if three or more and your family register at the same time to compete you get a family discount. I hope everyone is going to consider starting the tournament season strong!!


9:30 am and the line will start with a kids and parents fun taekwondo, Bahng Mahng Ee (stick) and fun class!


Demos and long staff drills in the parking lot at 11:00 am to warm up before Team Sparring. Leaders, see Sr. Master Black

11:30 am Team sparring and combat fun for the whole school.  This seminar is especially for our preteens through adults black belts and colored belts that want to take their skills to the next level.  Super excitement!

12:45 pm snacks/lunch break 

1:00 pm  Double Bahng Mahng Ee (form seminar with Sr. Master Black (all ranks welcome)

2:00 pm  Yoga for martial artists and everyday warriors with Mrs. Dell

THIS IS A BRING A BUDDY EVENT! Prize drawings at end for those that briing a friend.


Leadership and Legacy 

We are reworking our Leadership and Legacy programs.  If you are thinking of upgrading, NOW (i.e. before August testings is recommended).  The minimum age to join Legacy is 10 years old.

Notes about the HU Lee Scholarship App Process:  Attention graduating seniors and college students. I need to make some points about the HU Lee scholarship Process. Number one when you apply apply please do it at least a month before the deadline; and keep a full copy of what you submitted; be sure to check both boxes if you qualify for national and regional scholarships — they will only consider the one you check; if you’re approved after you start college you must immediately send proof that you actually are in college for them to release the funds; lastly if you got denied or accepted you are free to apply every year while you’re still in college if you are an active ATA member. If you have any questions as you contemplate applying this winter for next year scholarship please ask in plenty of time.


Thanks for reading - as always simply click reply to ask questions.  

To your success,

Chief Master "Candidate" Corina Black a/k/a Master Black