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Age is just a number

Defining Belief...

Posted: March 05, 2020

Belief is a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing...  Belief is "Yes I Can"

Meet 68 year old Leadership member Mr. Denny, an 18 year army veteran, and a blue at ATA Martial Arts Lakewood.  He is pictured here with his medals he won at the ATA Las Vegas National Championships in February 2020.

Belief is our inner power channeled through our core values towards the fullment of our goals.  Often the beliefs we are most influenced by in our lives are negative and tend to limit us.  Positive beliefs, however, are the best way to achieve total happiness and suess in life.  When we hoose to foster empowering beliefs, we are on the path to unlimited success.  We become what we believe, and what we believe usually beomes reality in our lives.

What do you believe in?  Not sure? Just start with a positive attitude.

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