Why is learning self-control so important?

Mr. Christian WinowieckiThe skills and moves you learn as a martial arts student can give you a sense of power over others, who may be weaker than you. Without self-control, this power can be a dangerous weapon in your hand. That is why self-control is one of the most important life skills that ATA Martial Arts teaches you. In fact, self-control is the key attribute that helps you develop self-discipline, which is essential to reach your goals.

Self-control, like any other positive attribute, cannot be developed in a day or two. Nor can it be developed solely by martial arts training. To have control over yourself and your actions, you also need to be motivated – you should feel the need for control from within. While learning Martial Arts, Karate, and Taekwondo will give you control over yourself, it will certainly change things around for good within the community.

At Master Black’s ATA Martial Arts the Karate classes and Taekwondo lessons and are taught in a structured setting, where the students have to adhere to the guidelines set by their karate instructor. This gives rise to the need for a routine, and adherence to it. A structural setting sets limits to your actions, thereby controlling them, and teaching you how to control them. At ATA, you can learn how to make self-control a habit.

Photo after the April 2014 Denver area taekwondo martial art tournament.
Photo after the April 2014 Denver area taekwondo martial art tournament.

WHY SELF-CONTROL IS IMPORTANT…ATA Martial Arts teaches you the skills to defend yourself, and also the techniques to control the skills you have acquired. Here are a few reasons why self-control is important for a martial artist.

  • Taekwondo and karate training is a way to burn off negative energy. Anger is an emotion that most of us experience from time to time. People, who tend to get angry often, usually resort to physical activity. While learning a skill and training your body is a good way to let out the emotion, having a skill that can be fatal to others and no control over it can be dangerous. That is why the masters who developed the martial arts practices also found a way to instill self-control in their students. Self-control prevents you from acting out in an impulse, when you are in an angry state, and averts any possible damage or injuries to property and people.
  • emily leachInstructors and their Masters can not only guide you through the right path, but also teach you to use self-control to determine your own path to success. When you are in control, you will think before acting, and avoid making mistakes in the process.
  • Self Control=Self Discipline … Like self-discipline; self-control is also essential for a person who wishes to reach his or her goals. Without self-control, you cannot be disciplined, and end up wandering away from the right course. But when you have a control over your actions, you get a sense of control over your life and feel powerful enough to shape it just like you want to. At Master Black’s ATA Martial Arts can help you achieve this power, and also teach you how to control it.

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