We do Karate Kid Birthday Parties!

Did you know we do Karate Kid birthday parties?  Call and schedule yours today.  Not a student yet, ask about our awesome trial special.  The students enjoy a beginner class tailored to your group, eat the great cake Mom brings in, open their presents while our instructors help each child in attendance feel special and then end with a great fun relay/obstacle event.  The whole party lasts about 1.5 hours with a 30 minute advance set up.  Parent’s please feel free to bring in your decorations/tableclothes/plates to make it special.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


• Karate Dodge Ball
• Karate Simon Says
• Karate Workout
• Target Games
• And much more!
(all games are age-appropriate)

Affordable rates for non-students; Free to current students!!  What!!!  Did you say FREE!  Yes, we did.

Birthday foam noodle gauntlet