Master Council Decree and Current ATA Master Council


hulee_01  Upon being diagnosed with cancer in 2000, H.U. Lee decided the creation of a council for the governorship of his organization was necessary. In September 2000, Lee formally created the Songahm Master’s Council composed of some of his advisers.

The Master’s Council Decree, Grand Master Haeng Ung Lee:
Saturday, September 9, 2000

On this 9th day of the 9th month in the year 2000, to all those that shall come this greeting, I decree the following:

Whereas, I was elevated to the esteemed position of Dae Sah-boo Nim, Grand Master of Songahm Taekwondo, on the 9th day of June in the year 1990; and

Whereas, as is written in “The Scrolls of Songahm” that mortal life is short, yet in the millions of days still to come there is much to do and many generations of students yet to teach; and

Whereas, as the Grand Master of Songahm, I am duty-bound to insure the techniques, traditions, and philosophies of Songahm will continue to be nourished and improved with the knowledge and skills of each new generation; and

Whereas, “Songahm,” just as the “Pine Tree” for which Songahm was named, will forever continue to be a symbol of unchanging human loyalty, longevity, respect, and happiness, it must continue to branch out and join the east, west, north, and south spreading “Songahm” to all corners of the world:

Now, therefore, I Haeng Ung Lee, Dae Sah-boo Nim, Grand Master of Songahm Taekwondo, decree that I have established a council of my most loyal and deciated Masters. I have entrusted the techniques, philosophies, and traditions of Songahm to this council. Each member has contributed greatly to the evolution of Songahm and they are all a large part of what it has become. This Master’s Council, combined with the support of all current and future Songahm Masters, will create a new life force in the martial arts of incredible strength. Together you will guide us as we journey into the future. Children of Songahm, I give you:


Chief Master Soon Ho Lee
Chief Master Robert Allemier
Senior Master In Ho Lee
Senior Master William Clark
Senior Master Gyung Kun Lee
Senior Master Mal Kun Lee

Into your hands I place my life’s work and most valuable treasure, our Songahm Family.

Haung Ung Lee (July 20, 1936 – October 5, 2000 (age 64)


The current UPDATED (as of 2014) Master’s Council is pictured below:

Grand Master
In Ho Lee
Chief Master William G. ClarkChief Master
William G. Clark
Chief Master
G.K. Lee
Chief Master
M.K. Lee
Chief Master
Robert Jager
Chief Master
Michael Caruso
Chief Master
Cesar Ozuna

This elite group is charged with the solemn duty of caring for and guiding Eternal Grand Master’s life’s work and most valuable treasure, Songahm Taekwondo.


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