Student Area

Below are links for the use of our enrolled students at our ATA Martial Arts.  Digital and online information cannot replace actual class and time with an instructor, however, below are some tools for the use of our enrolled students.  Questions should be directed to your instructor at Sr. Master Black’s ATA Martial Arts (303-985-1815)


HISTORY ZONE (for students)

scroll Scrolls of Songahmn (written in 1983 as Songahm Taekwondo was unveiled in the ATA)

Flag_of_South_Korea.svg Korean Flag (What do those symbols mean?)

images-5 Master Council Decree (written by H.U. Lee in 2000 while he was battling cancer)

Songahm-Star What is Songahm Taekwondo?


QUIZ – BLACK BELT PREP – check it out!  Do you know all the answers?



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