September is Honor Month at Master Black’s ATA Martial Arts

September is Honor Month.

“Keeping your Promises and Earning the Respect of Others”

If you have ever seen a karate class in progress, you may have noticed how the students bow to the teacher when they come to the class, when they spar, or when the class ends. The Karate Instructors will also bow back. Why do you think they do it? It is an act of subservience? No it is not.

Martial artists have a deep sense of Honor and integrity, and they get this from the art. Bowing to the Sah bum nim, sensei, instructor or to a fellow martial arts practitioner is an act of courtesy. It is a sign of respect and shows that you Honor them. Martial arts stress on good etiquette and mutual respect.

Learning martial arts is not for the faint of heart. To perfect your technique and become a martial arts Master, you need total commitment in your training. But apart from the physical aspect, when you learn a martial art, you also learn other qualities such as honor.

To internalize these qualities, you learn to grow your will-power. At ATA Martial Arts we help you develop these qualities. As we train you, you will get time to reflect on these qualities and you will realize their significance. If you persist with your learning, these qualities will become an inextricable part of you.



To Honor others and yourself is one of the most important things that martial arts will teach you. There are two kinds of honor, a person’s individual honor or his integrity and the honor they give to other people. Honor is doing the right thing and holding steadfast to one’s values, no matter what the consequences.

A martial artist has tremendous power in his hands, and he can choose to use it for good or evil. One of the central tenets of ATA martial arts such as Karate is that you should use the knowledge you learned to make the right choices in life. Whether at home, school, work or in self defense ATA Martial Arts is focuses on reality based martial arts training that enhances the ability to make the correct choice in life.

A martial artist should use his or her knowledge to uphold justice and honor. You are guided by your conscience and your main concern should be doing what is right in your eyes, rather than what is right for other people.

A martial artist lives the life that other people can only dream of – a life of honor, self-control, and discipline. The aim of a martial artist is to perfect his character. For him, life is a never-ending quest for self-improvement and excellence.

A teacher imparts knowledge. To acquire knowledge, you should concentrate on what your teachers say. Be attentive at all times.


Acknowledge what your elders tell you and respect their words. They are much older than you and have learned a thing or two about life. This knowledge may be useful to you.


Listen to what your parents say and live your life according to the good principles they follow.


Have respect for yourself. Love what you do and take time off to do things for yourself.


All living beings value their lives. When you respect living beings you respect yourself.

Your training at ATA Martial Arts can help you inculcate these qualities and bring balance to your life.


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