Open House March 17

Bullying Prevention, Yoga, Combat Sparring, Sword class and Advocare nutrition.  We have a full day planned this Saturday, March 17.  Wear Green and bring a friend.  All classes and events are free to the community.


9:00 am Yoga with Mrs. Dell (17 years experience) wear sweats, open to the community, all ages.

10:00 am Bullying Prevention Workshop (free to the community, for all kids and teens).  Attend and learn the basics of bullying prevention that starts with a tactical breath…  The ATA has been helping kids and families for many years as a partner in their training toward bullying prevention.  Please come and learn.  Who needs to hear this message?

11:30 am All Teens and Adults Combat Weapon Sparring, martial art fitness and more.  This class is open to all levels and will be tailored to challenge the most advanced student and be basic enough for the first timer.  Come and see what we are about!

12:30 pm  Oh Sung Do Broadsword seminar with Mr. Lucero.  This class is for our student that owns this sword and wants to master the form and the basics.  New to sword training, please come and observe and we’ll let you try it out.

2:00 pm  Advocare Nutrition Mixer – learn about the world class products of Advocare.  Hear inspiring stories and learn how this group of products can enhance your life so you can perform to your fullest.

Join us Saturday, March 17.

Questions, please contact our school.