Instructor – Mr. Steve Guymon

Mr. Steve Guymon5th Degree Black Belt (2007)

  • 4th Degree (2002)
  • 3rd Degree (1996)
  • 2nd Degree (1994)
  • 1st Degree (1992)
  • Joined Master Black’s ATA (1990)
  • White Belt (1987) Colorado Springs

Instructor Level:

  • Black Collar Certified Instructor
  • Attended the final Little Rock Certification Camp (1999)
  • Recipient: 1999 “Regional Trainee of the Year!”


  • Curriculum Management (2002) SM Black
  • Advanced Training (2002) Ms. Lusk
  • Adult Training (2002) Ms. Lusk
  • BBC Training, Las Vegas Nationals (2003) ATA HQ
  • Train the Trainer (2003) ATA HQ
  • Business Introductions (2006) ATA HQ
  • BB/Leadership Club Training (2006) ATA HQ
  • Kidz N Power Training (2009) CM Dilegge
  • Instruction Clinic (2010) CM Droege, SM Cross Aurora, CO
  • RAT Camp/ATA Fit test (2012) Aurora, CO

Protech Certifications:

  • Single Ssahng Jeol Bong (early 1990s)
  • Double Ssahng Jeol Bong (pre 2001)
  • Single Bahng Mahng Ee (pre 2001)
  • Double Bahng Mahng Ee (2002)
  • Jahng Bong (early 1990s)
  • Joint Manipulation (pre 2001)
  • Spontaneous Knife Defense (2007)


  •  Attained 5th at 2007 World Championships
  • Attended countless tournaments as a competitor and a judge from 1990 to 2013
  • Third Level Tournament Judge ◦

Began training with Master Black in September 1990 (at 9 years of age)

CPR and First Aid Certified


  • Aurora, CO Firefighter/Paramedic (since October 2006)

GuymondemoteamMr. Guymon is married with two kids. He is a model of martial art focus, strength, determination and vision. He has been a member/instructor and supporter of our ATA Martial Arts since the month it opened in September of 1990. While life is very busy, he finds time to motivate and encourage the students a few times throughout the year.










Above two photos taken in 2001 or earlier with instructor Sr. Master Corina Black.


Taken at Worlds 2006 (Mr. Guymon attended the Master’s Ceremony the year Sr. Master Black became a Master Instructor)




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