Instructor – Mr. Keith Walworth

kwalworth4th Degree Black Belt (2004)

Currently in-active, relocated to Oklahoma.

  • 3rd Degree Black Belt (2000)
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt (1998)
  • 1st Degree Black Belt (1996)
  • Joined the ATA 1994

Instructor Level:

  • Black Collar Certified Instructor (since 2000)


  • Instruction Clinic, CM Droege/SM Cross (2010)
  • Taekwondo Training, GM IH Lee, SM Black (2010)
  • ATA Fit Test (2010)
  • Kidz N Power CM Dilegge (2009)
  • ATA Fit Seminar (2009)
  • BB Forms Clinic (CM MK Lee)
  • Train with a Legend (CM MK Lee)
  • School Owner Meeting (2006)
  • BB/Leadership Club Training (2006)
  • Business Introductions (2006)
  • Competed in Gyeongju City, Korea (1st ever international ATA Taekwondo Tournament) in April 17, 2005.  Toured South Korea and China with approximately 450+ ATA students and families celebrating Taekwondo’s Golden Anniversary, April 2005.
  • Train the Trainer (2003)
  • Advanced Training (2002)
  • Marketing (2001)
  • Certification (SM Black)) (2000)
  • Songahm Taekwondo (1999)
  • Curriculum Management (1999)
  • Class Management (1999)
  • Squad leader for Sr. Master Thor’s Rocky Mountain Workout (2008, 2007, 2006, 2005)

HPIM2661Tournaments (highlights):

  • Tournament Judge (Level 3 Chevron)
  • Regular judges and attends  both in-school and regional tournaments in the Denver Metro Area, has also attended Las Vegas Nationals, Orlando Fall Nationals, International Tournament in Korea (2005) and World Championships (including 2006) when Sr. Master Black became a Master

leadership poster email proofProtech Certifications:

  • Tai Chi
  • Jee Pahng Ee
  • Spontaneous Knife Defense
  • Jahng Bong
  • PPCT
  • Joint Manipulation


  • Retired Navy
  • HVAC/New Home Construction

Mr. Walworth was head instructor for Master Black’s ATA for more than 10+ years.  He always exemplified a focused, responsible, and trustworthy attitude.  The students looked up to Mr. Walworth (literally and figuratively).  He received the utmost respect for his loyalty to the ATA, from his seniors and juniors alike.  Mr. Walworth continues to stay in touch with our school and even lends a hand from time to time at a testing and in-school tournament event.


Updated 9/15/16

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