Instructor – Mr. Harold Black

291109_10150270245412967_7779377_o4th Degree Black Belt (1988)
(Co-Owner Master Black’s ATA Martial Arts 1990-present)

3rd Degree Black Belt (1984)
2nd Degree Black Belt (1998)
1st Degree Black Belt (1981)
Joined the ATA 1977

Instructor Level:

  • Black Collar Certified Instructor (1982)


  • Trained w/ Grand Master In Ho Lee (2010) during the 20 year anniversary of Master Black’s ATA, Lakewood, CO
  • Mr. Black attended more than 50 business and marketing seminars in the early days of the ATA in around Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Atlanta, Colorado and more.
  • Mr. Black attended the first ever international Korea Trip in 1987 when the ATA first visited as a large group guided by the Founder Grand Master H.U. Lee
  • Mr. Black hiked to Songahm Mountain in Arkansas in 1983 for the original unveiling of Songahm Taekwondo
  • Mr. Black attended many national camps held in Little Rock, AR
  • Mr. Black also regularly drove between Baton Rouge, LA and Panama City, FL to train with his instructor Grand Master Soon Ho Lee

293084_10150254813242967_4942880_nSparring our son at an in-school event – a little “father/son” bonding (2011)

Tournaments (highlights):

  • Tournament Judge, also trained judges both regional and nationally in mid-late 1980s
  • Regularly attended, competed and ran tournaments as both a Regional Chief of Tournaments and a National Chief of Tournament (Assistant) from approximately 1982-1988 (attended more than 50+ events in those years)
  • Mr. Black co-hosted several tournaments in Baton Rouge, LA as well as the 1992 regional in Colorado with Sr. Master Black
  • Mr. Black continues to assist where necessary for our in-house tournaments here in Lakewood, CO

334249_10150944618562967_878303218_oProtech Certifications:

  • Single Combat Weapons Sparring (2013)
  • Combat weapon seminar, spar and judge (1999) Los Angeles, CA Black Belt Nationals


Business Analyst, Western Union

294155_10150270244782967_2894424_nMr. Black, originally from the Mobile, AL area, is the (co-owner) of Master Black’s ATA Martial Arts is a quiet force behind the scenes in mentoring, guiding and supporting all that our ATA has to offer.  Mr. Black owned and ran his own school in Baton Rouge, LA and was Sr. Master Black’s original instructor until she attained the rank of 3rd degree black belt.  His son is also a 2nd degree in the ATA – a rank he earned at age 12.

Mr. Black always loved to spar.  While not a fan of doing “forms” he was a strong competitor and performer.  He was also an excellent instructor of “proper technique”.   His signature “demo” board break used to be a blindfolded, jump reverse side kick!

552624_4087640746840_429982850_nMr. Black’s current goals is support Sr. Master Black in her endeavors with ATA, teach and train sparring or combat techniques a few times per year in the school and work on his golf game whenever he can.  He likes to stay healthy and is an Advisor with Advocare as well.  Mr. Black’s presence is always a part of our school, for without his original encouragement, focus and skill, Sr. Master Black would never have opened her school here in 1990.

335056_10150270240997967_4754603_oSetting up his boards in June 1988 as he tested for 4th degree.






and…the board break!


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