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UPDATED – 4/24/19 – scroll down for April events


April and May events 2019




  1. Prepare your bag and uniform and  arrive on time (on time means 5 minutes early, not late);
  2. Bring my own water bottle to class and my gear bag; each child should drink ½ their body weight in water each day.  Dehydration is our Number #1 concern here at ATA.
  3. Be courteous and polite while waiting for class to begin;
  4. Line up and participate enthusiastically
  5. Smile and have a great time!
  6. In between class attendance, regularly wash your uniform and make sure all patches are in good repair;  regularly “wipe” down with a disinfectant wipe all gear and re “STERILIZE” my mouthpiece and case.  (Parent’s, if your kid’s teeth have changed, re “boil” and reform the mouthpiece to their new teeth alignment.  Use toothpaste and brush along with mouthwash to keep the mouthpiece fresh, especially if you have been sick.  Don’t put a dirty mouthpiece back in your mouth – YUCK!)
  7. Please regularly wash your hands before and after class.  Let’s stay healthy.


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