Legacy Fall 2018 Instructor Group

Updated 11/28/18 – Many years have formed our instruction staff.  For over 28 years we have been developing and mentoring special individuals to teach at our ATA Martial Arts.

Below are the key players (as of April 2015) in our current success.  This list is constantly evolving…we are proud and honored of the dedication and self-less giving that these individuals have shown over the years at Sr. Master Black’s ATA Martial Arts.

Sr. Master Corina Black, 7th Degree (Chief Instructor/Owner)

Certifieds in bold.

Master Jon Runge, 6th Degree

Mr. Ken Lucero, 5th Degree

Ms. Arlet Schmidt, 4th Degree

Dr. Jeff Anderson, 4th Degree

Mr. Jim Bartlett, 3rd Degree

Ms. E. Heater, 3rd Degree

Mr. Todd Leach, 3rd Degree

Mr. Q. Prasad, 3rd Degree

Mr. J. Eckes, 3rd Degree

Dr. Akshay Mhurlidar, 3rd Degree

Mr. Mike Patterson, 3rd Degree

Ms. Athena Valdez, 2BD Black Belt

Dr. Darin Dell, 2BD Black Belt

Mrs. Stacey Dell, 2BD Black Belt

Ms. C. Dell, 2BD Black Belt

Ms. R. Dell, 2BD Black Belt

Ms. Amanda Potter, 2BD Black Belt

Mr. Brandon Lavigne, 2BD Black Belt

Ms. A. Morris, 1st Degree Black Belt

Mr. Joe Sanchez, 1st Degree Black Belt

Ms. Jenna Patton, Red Belt


Mr. Harold Black, 4th Degree, Co-Owner

Master Steven Lucero, 6th Degree (visiting instructor)

Instructors Sr. Master Black mentors:

Beth Lillie, Grand Junction

Scott Lillie, Grand Junction

Melody Noller, Colorado Springs

Chris Noller, Colorado Springs

Connie Jo Coon, Goodland, KS

Lowell Coon, Goodland, KS


Former Instructors: (from 1990 to 2017)
BOLD indicates certified instructor

Mr. Steve Guymon, 5th Degree (relocated to Sedalia)

Mr. Keith Walworth, 4th Degree (relocated to Oklahoma)

Mr. Chris Carney, 4th Degree (Durango)

Mr. Matt Guy, 4th Degree (Pueblo)

Mrs. Tracey Hutchison, 4th Degree

Mr. Ariel Manzanares-Scisney, 4th Degree

Mr. Mike Mortenson, 4th Degree

Mr. Kevin Sjursen, 3rd Degree

Mr. John Quinn, 3rd Degree (RIP)

Mr. Rich Sutton, 3rd Degree

Ms. Lexie Runge, 3rd Degree

Mr. Christian Winowiecki, 3rd Degree  (active marine)

Mr. Patrick McCarron, 3rd Degree (RIP)

Ms. Kashia Godlewski, 3rd Degree

Mr. Mark Zakarian, 2nd Degree (Idaho)

Mr. John Holzman, 2nd Degree

Ms. Jayne Hudson, 2nd Degree (Michigan)

Mr.  Keenan Quinn, 3rd Degree

Mr. Eric Black, 2nd Degree

Mr. Joseph Yevara, 2nd Degree

Ms. Danielle Lareau, 2nd Degree (Longmont)

Mr. Jason Fraser, 2nd Degree (Castle Rock)

Mrs. Kary Berry, 2nd Degree

Mrs. Kim Sutton, 2nd Degree

Mrs. Kim Anderson, 2nd Degree

Mrs. Kathleen Kenney, 2nd Degree (relocated to Tennessee)

Mr. Keith Tagawa, 2nd Degree


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